About us

112Motion is a Dutch eHealth and IoT specialist and start-up that markets world’s smartest looking wearables which are capable to detect a fall, feature a personal alarm and monitor peoples ‘wellbeing’. The “Alert” series wearables (FallAlert, HealthAlert) and the Health Decision Support platform are key components of our Personal Health System, addressing the needs of tomorrows patients.

Website: http://www.112Motion.com

Contact details: CEO and founder: Nanno van der Laan

Cardiolyse is an UK e-healthcare company focused on analytics of human heart electro signals (using both ECG and PPG sensors). Cardiolyse has developed e-Cloud proprietary Heart and Emotional Wellness Score algorithms to actively monitor peoples wellbeing. Using wearables with Cardiolyse Heart and Emotional Wellbeing Score can engage users in reaching unprecedented levels of healthy behaviour.

Website: cardiolyse.me

Contact details: CEO and founder: Anna Starynska

112 Motion BV, John M Keynesplein 12,  1066 EP Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Chamber of Commerce: 66175380. VAT: NL856428012B01